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13 October 2010 @ 05:54 pm
its me Zatanicons, i change my account, zatanicons sound weird, really weird XDD
Pilika sound like an anime chara, but its ok.. better than Zatanicons haha.
Takaki always is love, alwaaaays (*^*)
i really like Bakaki!!

haaa!! he vuelto con pura felicidad!! creo que ha sido mucho para mi, estas son las shoppics de Takaki Yuya en el coundown, nunca las habia visto por lo que supongo que ustedes tampoco. amaba ese traje de lentejuelas rojas,

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i just upload the new video
in avi and mp4 format,
i love it~~  i love the song, and the video
`` as always Shinee is love.
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09 July 2010 @ 12:01 pm
Hola! hEY! say JUMP JUMP!!~ espere todo el mes para ver este shokura, meencanta por todos lados Question, Mis amados Kismyft2, ABC-Z mis lindos debutados KAt tun y Hey Say jump, y el buen moso de Koyama, es un angel ese chico. Takaki, Daiki y Yuto desde un punto personal son las mejores voces de los JUMPs ( dije punte personal) me encanta  que canten juntos y anden ahi felicez en el Shounen. Que bueno que ya tienen trabajo! Takaki empezaba a ponerse muy gordo de no ahcer nada con su vida.
hi people ~~ The shokura was so great, i want a PV of Time,really... reallyyyyyyyyyy!!
the pics of the best, i think Yabuhika is the real love ~~ Takadai too <3 well takaki Face scare me XD
i will upload the rest.. in around 1 hour,,, and when i finish with the full mp4, i will upload the avi version.
soooo!~ dont worry~
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08 July 2010 @ 11:52 pm
 Hola! me encanta el HD por que les podemos ver los mocos, talvez ya lo vieron por ahi de mala calidad, pero!! quien no ama verlos brillantes, brillantes hasta de sudor!! me encantan todos en general, pero la ropa del mas cute se lo lleva Daiki junto con esos lindos tenis! los kiero! chinen lleva convers con cintas rositas, OMG you are a girl Chinen!! los ame!
As always the HD is the best option if you wanna see their funny face, or maybe the "Sexy faces",  i love Daiki Outfit, its really cute, well  i love the clothes of all members, but look!! Daiki Shoes are soo cool too! i love it!!
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08 July 2010 @ 08:37 pm
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Hey!Say!JUMPからメッセージ Full HD
They look  so cool, and the preview for the past pv are love~

Today i went to library and buy the myojo, junon and Popolo 08, but i dont have Scaner T_T
sorry girls wait 1 week more for the HQ, maybe i will buy the duet, potato and wink up
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